CBC Family,

As we continue to await the return to our normal in-person gatherings and ministries, please aware of the following ways you can connect virtually:

5 Minute Devotionals Every Friday & Tuesday

Each Friday & Tuesday a new devotional video by a fellow church member at Calvary is sent out via email to our church family. Our aim in doing this is to encourage you in God's Word from familiar voices, and to counter the large volume of voices(news/media) that are being consumed these days, which may/may not be spiritually healthy. We are seeking to keep these videos to about 5 minutes & keep them focused on a particular passage of Scripture. We hope you enjoy these moments 'together' in God's Word. Each video will also remain on our church Youtube Channel. 



Sunday Church Service

You can view the service Sunday mornings, by 8am, at one of the following two locations:


- CBC Facebook Page Sunday -

- The main page of our website -

- The latest video posted on our Church Youtube page -



Wednesday Prayer Gathering

Calvary family will receive a weekly email to join us in a safe virtual conference room(audio/video) for a bible study & prayer meeting.


 COVID-19 Response


This is Pastor Jim Spears from CBC Pottstown, Chester County. Pastor Farr and I have sought counsel, prayed and listened carefully to the county officials in both Chester and Montgomery counties. Out of respect for our government official's requests, and because the Bible tells us to love our neighbor, for the good of our community and our church family, the next two weeks we will modify our services in the ways listed below.  We will reassess this schedule on Friday Mar 27th.

For the next two Sundays, Sunday School is cancelled and the Sunday Evening Service is also cancelled.  We will meet for the Sunday morning 10:30AM service and the Wednesday 7PM service.  Both of these services will be held in the main auditorium.  This allows for very limited exposure as there will be no small groups, and ample time for disinfecting the church after each service.  Also, during these two weeks all other events such as choir practice, home school coop, and ladies Bible study, are also cancelled.  The phoebes meeting scheduled for tomorrow March 14 will meet as scheduled.  The leadership prayer meeting on Sundays will be at 9:45AM.

If you are elderly, if you have a compromised immune system, or a respiratory condition, or an upcoming surgery, you should stay home.  If you do not feel it is safe to gather, you should not feel guilty about staying home.

We know of no one in our church family who is presently ill from this virus, and there is no reason to fear or panic as we can fully trust our Heavenly Father who cares for even the sparrows  which teaches us that He will certainly not forget or fail us (Mt. 10.29-31).  If you have any questions or concerns please call one of the pastors.

Presently the Chester Country health officials are not asking churches to cancel services.  But if that changes before Sunday we will comply with their request and let you know.

We love each one of you much in the Lord, and only want what’s best for everyone.  We are praying that no one in our church family gets sick.  I ask you to also be praying for our church family, our country and the world at this time.  May God use this to bring revival and salvation to many.



CBC Family,


Government recommendation to help mitigate the virus spread

As you know, our government has asked that gatherings be limited to 10 people or less for at least the next 15 days. As a church, we are honoring that request for three main reasons: 

God has placed the government above us for our own good, and we are called to respect them, so long as they don't ask us to violate God's Word. We see the government's request to the health crisis as an opportunity to obey. (Romans 13:1-7)

Obeying the government's request is about caring for our neighbors by doing our part to mitigate the spread of this virus. 

As we respect God given authority, opportunities abound to display the GREATER faith we have in God, who has all things under control. We believe this is a time to display great faith in our great God and to display God’s great love to others! Christianity has always been about service rather than self-protection. Please take advantage of interactions you do have with others, even online, to speak biblical truth in love about the confidence we have in God and the security level we have that goes deeper than just our flesh and bones. (Matthew 10:28)


8 Steps CBC is taking to adjust (Lord Willing!)


1) In addition to our previous ministry cancellations, we are now cancelling the IN-PERSON SERVICES: Wednesday 7PM Prayer Gathering & Sunday 10:30AM Worship Service. We are assessing what God would have has do, daily, but for the moment, all March services are cancelled.


2) We are working to have a livestream modified church service online, so that we can join together at 10:30AM this Sunday. While the thought of this is sad, we believe it to be our best option at the moment. This service will then remain online as a recording that can be viewed anytime, beyond the 10:30AM time slot. A user friendly guide to help you know how to join us live will be coming this week. Should you still need help at your home to set this up, we will be glad to stop by and give assistance. So, expect to see/hear God's Word preached this Sunday:

"God has not given us a Spirit of fear, II Timothy 1:7" - Pastor Josh Farr

"Surviving Tough Times" - Pastor Jim Spears


3) The church office will remain open during this time. As always, feel welcomed to reach out as needs arise in your life. You can reach the pastoral staff by email, personal cell phones, or through the church phone line. Praise the Lord, at this time, no one from our church is ill from this COVID-19 virus.


4) We are financially in a great position to continue to meet our church budget needs, and to see how we can expand our ministry to help other local churches who may face budget difficulties (should the need arise). To continue in this path, we are investigating the setup of an online giving option. Here too, we look forward to the joyful process of giving back to the Lord again in person as part of our Sunday Worship activity. Another option in giving your offering is to mail in a check to the church which will continue to be handled by our faithful deacons. 


5) A small group from our church will gather Wednesday night (3/18) to pray and plan through necessary changes already mentioned above.


6) Several pastors in our area, from solid local churches, will be gathering to pray for one another and collaborate on best ministry options, given our current state of affairs. 


7) Expect a call from one of the pastors, as we seek to connect as best as we can. We want to hear from you and we want to know of any help we can be to you, as we are greatly benefited from words spoken to one another.  


8) You are part of the church! Be in prayer, be in the Word of God, be singing to the Lord and with those you can, and when you do speak to others about this virus situation – don’t waste the words, do all to the glory of God! What an opportunity to demonstrate your faith in Jesus Christ, the rock of your salvation.