Who We Are

Sharing God's Love, By Making Christ's Disciples, Of All Nations, Beginning In Pottstown

Sharing God's Love - The highest act of love has come through the sacrificial payment for sin in the form of Jesus Christ, the one who saves people from their sin. It is our joy to both celebrate and share God's great love - Jesus Christ! 

Making Christ's Disciples - The Gospel of Jesus Christ compels us to not only proclaim the good news of Jesus, but to invest in relationships with others towards faith in Christ, and training them to be faithful, lifelong servants.

All Nations - One part of God's mission for believers is to evangelize the nations, meaning all people groups. We seek to do this by supporting global missionaries as they go, partnering with specific missionaries on projects through missions trips, and by ministering the gospel to all people groups in our local area. 

Beginning In Pottstown - Another part of God's mission for believers is to evangelize those closest to us, our neighbors, family, and other natural community relationships. It is our prayer that CBC individuals are involved within our surrounding communities, shining as lights, pointing others to the greater, perfect light source, Jesus Christ.