Calvary Baptist has long been involved with sending missionaries – both our own and those from like-minded churches – to other countries to engage in evangelization, establish New Testament churches and train national pastors.


There are several reasons for this:

  • Because God has commanded us to take His gospel to the uttermost parts of the Earth.
  • Because we delight in sharing the love of Jesus Christ through the gospel that shows sinful man’s need of a savior and Christ’s offer of grace and redemption.
  • Because meeting people’s spiritual needs is the best way to also meet their physical and social needs.
  • Because supporting missions encourages intercessory prayer within the congregation for those laboring in the harvest.
  • Because being actively involved in a missions program inspires and develops men from the congregation for leadership in missions.


Currently, Calvary Baptist financially and prayerfully supports 20 missionary families in 18 countries around the world.